Rotator Press Contact Assemblies

Inspired by the extraordinary success of our puck-based press contact assemblies, we have developed an equivalent for the PPMS rotator option. Based around our custom rotator sample boards, these assemblies offer the same ease of sample mounting and exchange as the puck assemblies in a smaller form factor suitable for mounting onto the rotator. Samples up to 10 × 10 mm in size and from 1 mm to 3 mm in thickness can be accommodated as standard. Optionally, samples from 0 mm to 1 mm in thickness can alternatively be supported.


Our standard resistivity option design features both available measurement channels broken out to the same 2 mm spaced linear arrays of contact pins as our puck-based assemblies, while our standard layout for the ac transport option is that shown in Figure 7-2c of the AC Transport Option User's Manual, allowing for 5-point Hall and 4-point resistivity measurement of a single sample on channels 1 and 2 respectively. For more details, see the detailed schematicOpens in a new window.

In the case of van der Pauw measurementsOpens in a new window, since only channels 2 and 3 of the resistivity option are available within the rotator, these map by default to a van der Pauw resistivity measurement (channel 2) and a van der Pauw Hall measurement (channel 3). However, for those wanting to perform a full van der Pauw resistivity measurement utilising both channels, a board configuration is available that remaps channel 3 to the usual channel 1 resistivity arrangement. As with our puck-based assemblies, contact point spacings (sample sizes) of 2×2, 4×4, 6×6, and 8×8 mm are available, but since the probe tips are not reconfigurable, this is a fixed size that must be chosen at the point of ordering.

Since the ac transport option offers only a single current line to the rotator-mounted sample, it is not well-suited to performing van der Pauw measurements in the rotator. If you wish to discuss this possibility in more detail, please contact us.

As with our puck assemblies, custom designs can also be fabricated to your specification — simply contact us with your requirements.

Technical Details
Probe materialFull-hard beryllium copper, gold-plated over nickel
Probe typeRound tip
Contact resistance< 100 mΩ
Current rating2 A continuous, 3 A peak
Probe travel1.4 mm
Spring force0.5 N at 0.7 mm travel
Durability1,000,000 cycles
Functional temperature2 – 400 K
Ordering Information
PC-ROT-RESTwo-part rotator resistivity press contact assembly£500
PC-ROT-ACTTwo-part rotator ac transport press contact assembly£500
Two-part rotator van der Pauw resistivity press contact assembly
standard configuration: resistivity (ch. 2) and Hall effect (ch. 3)
Two-part rotator van der Pauw resistivity press contact assembly
remapped configuration: resistivity (both channels)

Note that, unlike the sample puck press contact assemblies, the rotator assemblies do not feature replaceable probe tips due to their small size, and are generally significantly less robust than their larger counterparts. While they should survive many measurements, they must be viewed as intrinsically consumable items. A small cross-head screwdriver is the only tool required for sample mounting.