Rotator Sample Mounts

Schematic drawing

Our rotator sample mounts are designed to be drop-in alternatives to those available from Quantum Design, with the added advantages of full support across the range for sample sizes up to 10 × 10 mm, as well as rear-side electrical pathway routing to reduce the likelihood of damage when contacting or removing samples, eliminated thermocouple contact pads to prevent accidental shorting, and standardised contact pad positioning for both resistivity and ac transport options. Available from stock in common configurations, we can also custom design a solution appropriate to your particular measurement requirements — contact us for details.

Our van der Pauw rotator sample mounts offer the same benefits to the rotator as our van der Pauw puck overlays offer the standard measurement pucks, while if you perform frequent rotator measurements, you may find our rotator press contact assemblies useful.

Ordering Information
ROT-RESResistivity rotator sample mount$300 for three
ROT-ACTAC transport rotator sample mount$300 for three
ROT-VDP-RESVan der Pauw resistivity rotator sample mount
(for resistivity option)
$300 for three