Electrometry Software

Keithley Model 6517B

Our PPMS Electrometry software interfaces with the Keithley Model 6517BOpens in a new window electrometer to perform resistance, current flow and charge accumulation measurements on high resistance samples in the controlled temperature and magnetic field environment of the PPMS instrument. The software runs concurrently with the PPMS MultiVu application on the PPMS control PC and provides direct control of the Model 6517B. Measurements are set up in the software prior to initiation of a regular PPMS measurement sequence in MultiVu, which then triggers the Keithley at appropriate points through a standard sequence command.

PPMS Electrometry measurement tabPPMS Electrometry measurement tab.

The software presently supports continuous charge, current and resistance measurements under user-defined application and removal of a specified high voltage. However, the software is designed to be easily extensible to meet customer requirements in terms of additional measurement protocols. The software is offered under licence, and a fully-functional evaluation copy is available upon agreement to the licensing terms.

If, on using this software, you determine that our programming expertise could be of benefit to your own activities, we are prepared to adapt the software to your specific requirements. Please contact us for further details.